Lance Hurley: “Things I’m Grateful For”

By Lance Hurley
  1. Our Church Planters: What a great group of dedicated men and women  who have been willing to risk to follow Jesus.  God has blessed us.
  2. Prayer and Fasting Partners: This group of 200+ pray and fast one meal monthly in lifting up the ministry of Ignite before the Father.  It is good to know the foundation of prayer is being laid each month.
  3. Our Committed Church Partners: Each month, churches across Chicagoland and beyond send mission dollars to Ignite so new churches can be started.  I am grateful for the sacrificial gifts and prayers these partners send toward the mission of reaching those far from God.
  4. Individual Donors: There are individuals near and far who give their personal money toward new church planting through Ignite.  They do so because they want to help reach people for Jesus.  Your gifts make a difference.
  5. Chicagoland: Maybe this should go without saying, but this is a great region in which to live!! There are millions who are not reached yet and literally thousands of places where new churches can be started.  I am thankful for the opportunity that comes from living in this area.
  6. Lessons Learned: I have been greatly blessed by the people God has brought alongside me through the years: Bob Sloniger, Bob Szoke, Robyn Moes, different Executive Team members.  Each of these people has given valuable advice and guidance.  I am grateful for what I have learned and know there are many more lessons ahead.
  7. Chances Taken: Bob Sloniger took a chance on me early in ministry when he recruited me (as a 22 year old) to come as a new church planter to Manteno.  Through the years, I have learned the value of taking risks and I am grateful to be a part of an organization unafraid of risking in order to reach more people for Jesus.
  8. What Lies Ahead: Following Jesus is an adventure and exciting things lie ahead of Ignite.  I look forward to seeing what God is going to do in 2011.

About markwillis

Living, loving and working in Chicago, IL as an organic church planter. Working with a organic church network in Chicago called the Underground Church Network. We're working with the urban, postmodern crowd, the poor, business tycoons, and others we feel might be "people of peace." Our work centers around imagination and experiments. What might it look like to serve as a church - a community of practice - in this people group? How might life for this group be re-envisioned if Jesus is our leader?
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