Sharing the Gift of Jesus Christ

One of the joys of the Christmas season is sharing gifts with your neighbors and loved ones.  Ignite churches see it as vital to share the most precious gift – Jesus Christ, Immanuel, God with us.  Below are a few ways in which some of our faith communities are offering hope through the Gospel of God.

Crossroads Christian Church of Joliet is offering a Communion by Candlelight service on Christmas Eve and committing to a Christmas gift drive with Morningstar Mission.

Lifeline Christian Church sponsored homeless kids from School District 300 for Christmas. Teaming up with invested partners they provided a shirt, pants and shoes for each student.  In addition, Lifeline is offering a Christmas celebration for folks who don’t have a church home in the Algonquin area.

Suncrest Christian Church is doing a sermon series called “The Perfect Christmas” and Christmas eve services at all three campuses.  In addition, they are inviting their members to write a blog reflection of Sunday’s sermon and how it is impacting their life on Monday.  Check out Beyond Sunday. Also, Suncrest coordinated an Angel Tree, giving gifts to children with incarcerated parents.  They served over 100 children in their area!

The Underground Church Network distributed coats to refugees and their children in the city of Chicago.  In addition, hand-crafted soups were prepared and shared with the needy throughout the city.

Through these gifts and countless more, our Ignite churches communicate value and the love of Christ to their neighbors.  May God come near once again this Christmas!


About markwillis

Living, loving and working in Chicago, IL as an organic church planter. Working with a organic church network in Chicago called the Underground Church Network. We're working with the urban, postmodern crowd, the poor, business tycoons, and others we feel might be "people of peace." Our work centers around imagination and experiments. What might it look like to serve as a church - a community of practice - in this people group? How might life for this group be re-envisioned if Jesus is our leader?
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