Concentration of Force

I played football in high school.  My position was cornerback ( I weighed around 150 lbs) and there was one play I always dreaded:  the power sweep.  The offense would “pull” a big guard or two and these guys would lumber toward me trying to knock me off my feet.  If the play worked, this allowed the running back to sweep around the corner.  The idea was to concentrate an enormous amount of force in one spot with the hope of springing a big play.

The “Principles of War” I have been writing about describe bringing a concentrated force against one spot in the enemy’s line.  The hope is that there will be a breakthrough in that spot that can be exploited by the attacking force.

This is a principle we have chosen to use in our church planting plan:  we are concentrating church planting in certain areas where we have little church presence to build momentum for planting more churches in that area.  Concentrated efforts that will
“accelerate the spread of Jesus’ mission across Chicagoland”.

A concentrated effort will build camaraderie among the new churches, will grow a sense of partnership, and should bring greater victories.  I wonder what kind of “big plays” are in store ahead of us?


About lancehurley

Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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