Building Morale

Another key trait listed in “Principles of War” is maintaining morale in your army.  (I write this today after cancelling our church planters meeting today due to the residual effect of the recent blizzard.)  I was looking forward to meeting together with our planters because they are a group of men I love to be around.  They grow me as a leader, introduce me to new tools for ministry, challenge me to look at things differently.  Their lives help me see God in action.  Being with them builds morale in my life.

Why is maintaining morale important?  An army in the battlefield face missions that are dangerous, constantly changing and exhausting.  Even though the US Army talks about an “army of one”, most missions are made easier by people working together toward a common goal.  This partnership allows for encouragement, security and a sense of purpose that goes beyond an individual.

The benefits listed above (and more) all happen when our church planters gather together.  Ignite church planters are an elite group.  I am grateful for these individuals who are making a difference with every church planted.  I know that every time we get together (as a group or one on one), my life is enhanced.  Morale building happens when I get together with the right people.  I’m already looking forward to our meeting in two weeks.


About lancehurley

Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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