Implementing Two Things

Reading a few chapters in the book of John today, I saw two things that will have a profound impact in my life…..if put into practice.  The first item came from the marriage feast at Cana in John 2.  Mary said to the servants at the feast:  “Do whatever he tells you.” The second came from the father who had a sick son in John 4.  When Jesus told the father he could go home, that his son was going to live, “The man took Jesus at his word and departed.”

Thinking of this, I was reminded of a song I heard often growing up in church:  Trust and Obey.  The story from the marriage feast, talks about obedience.  If I choose to do whatever Jesus tells me to do, I will be practicing obedience (and I’ll be in the place where he wants me to be).  The second story describes faith in action.  If I take him at his word, I will be exercising trust, believing that he will do what he promises to do.

Obedience and trust, two key items for every disciple of Christ.  Now, if I can only get out of the way and put them into practice…


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