Two Different Substances

I talked with someone recently who has a hard heart toward God.  He’s endured difficult situations during the past couple of years and these troubles have hardened his outlook.  As we talked, I could tell that he wasn’t very interested in talking about God specifically or spiritual things in general.  He was hard.

I’ve used two different substances to teach about the way people deal with difficulty in life:  chocolate and clay.  Each of these substances when subjected to heat react in different ways.  Chocolate melts, while clay becomes rock hard.  The same heat brought to bear yields two extremely different results.  The conclusion:  Life’s difficulties will reveal what we are made of.  (Have you ever noticed how some people draw closer to God during difficulty, while others seem to pull away?  Chocolate and clay.)

At the end of the meeting with my new friend, I asked if I could pray for him.  When he didn’t say “no”, I prayed and asked God to show himself to my friend in tangible ways during the next couple of months.  I want to people to experience God’s care so their heart melts toward him during the fire of difficulty.  Difficulties are something we all face, what are you made of?


About lancehurley

Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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