The Power of Partnership

By Lance Hurley

“You can do what I cannot do.  I can do what you cannot do.  Together, we can do great things.”

 – Mother Teresa

My wife was watching the end of a NASCAR race the other day when I noticed partnership in action.  On this racetrack, cars need a teammate who will help them out.  I saw teams of two, one car in front with his partner “pushing” him from behind.  The bumpers of the two cars touched as the cars raced around the track.  I realized that the car pushing his partner took this secondary position for the benefit of the team, not for personal glory.  The car pushing from behind was not going to win the race from that position.  The celebration in the winner’s circle was good, for the race winner embraced his partner.  He knew he would not have won on his own.

Partnership is a valuable commodity.  Partnership is something I see take place among Ignite’s church planters.  A few weeks ago, we gathered at Lifeline’s Sunday morning meeting space, the Brunswick Zone in Algonquin.  We talked about how Lifeline sets everything up on Sundays, we bowled and ate together, we enjoyed being a part of a good team.  These men and women recognize that we are working together to bring the message of Jesus to new areas across Chicagoland.  Partnership is a good thing.

Partnership takes place each month through 200+ Ignite Prayer and Fasting partners.  The prayers of these men and women each month encourage and strengthen the church planters, lay the foundation for churches to be started and help grow our ministry.  I count on this partnership for help and strength personally.

Each month, I write thank you notes to supporters of Ignite’s ministry thanking them for their help in starting new churches.  The work of starting new churches that will spread the good news of Jesus across Chicagoland is much bigger than what we can do alone.  We need our partners and I am grateful for the partners that God has given us.

God has richly blessed Ignite with some excellent partners.  We recognize that, “Partnership multiplies our potential and extends our reach.”

Partnership Principles

None of us are strong in every area.

We need healthy interdependence.

Every part has a niche

and functions to complement the others.

When we work together,

we can actually pull off the work of Christ!

(Taken from “The Power of Partnership” by John Maxwell)


About markwillis

Living, loving and working in Chicago, IL as an organic church planter. Working with a organic church network in Chicago called the Underground Church Network. We're working with the urban, postmodern crowd, the poor, business tycoons, and others we feel might be "people of peace." Our work centers around imagination and experiments. What might it look like to serve as a church - a community of practice - in this people group? How might life for this group be re-envisioned if Jesus is our leader?
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