Uncommon Living

Reading through the Sermon on the Mount today (Matthew 5 – 7), I was reminded of the uncommon way of living that Jesus challenges his followers to practice.  As he taught these lessons, he was asking his followers to choose to do what was abnormal, instead of responding as people normally did.  Reality says it’s normal to lash out at someone who does something hurtful, it’s normal to hate those who have chosen to be enemies, it’s normal to do things publically to make ourselves look better.  Jesus reminded me today that if I follow him, I need to act, respond and live differently than the norm.

I wonder what would happen if I chose to put into practice the lifestyle described in the Sermon on the Mount?  I’ll close these thoughts with what I wrote down in my journal:  “Lord, I often choose not to live this way, but today,  help me respond to others with a Sermon on the Mount mindset.”


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