He Wasn’t Wanted

My son and his fiance recently purchased a dog they named Hooligan.  He is a Boggle (Beagle and Boston Terrier mix) and they all three visited our home this weekend for a bridal shower.  He’s almost six months old and full of energy and life, he brought many smiles to faces as he played and pranced around the house.  My son told Hooligan’s story, “We went to the pet store and saw that his price was marked down 80%.  When we asked why, they told us that he was too old.  They said it was difficult selling a dog that was not a puppy.  We took one look at him and knew that he was the dog for us.”  I watched my son and daughter in law interact with Hooligan and knew that he was not only wanted, but that he was loved and appreciated.  He was adopted into a family where he will find love and value, even though no one else wanted him.

Hooligan has no concept of the way his life was changed for the better by his adoption (he’s a dog).  However, anyone who has responded to God’s invitation to join his family understands completely way life changes for the better.  God does want us close to him, he does want to protect and provide for us, he does want to bring joy into our lives and I also know his eyes sparkle as he watches us live a life focused on him.

I want to help people realize that they are wanted and valued by God.  (This is one reason I love to start new churches.)  Reading Matthew 26 – 28 today, I saw again the value that God places on me and the cost he paid to demonstrate how he feels.  I am grateful that I am wanted by God.


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Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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