Read more on FireStarters, download the brochure and sign up here.

A letter from Lance on an exciting new opportunity:

Dear Ignite Family Members,

   I am thankful for your partnership in helping reach the unreached in Chicagoland by starting new churches.  Thank you for what you have done in the past to help us achieve that goal.  I am writing to tell you about a new initiative we are introducing designed to help new churches as they start: FireStarters.

   The idea for this new program came from a CDEA Program in the past that invited individuals to help new churches in the 70’s through the 90’s: The Building Sponsor’s Club.  This program provided funds for a new church to obtain its first permanent facility.  It was a blessing to churches across Chicagoland.  (The church I pastored in Manteno was helped by this program when it purchased its first facility.)

   FireStarters will invite individuals to help provide the funding for a need every new church has: Start-up Resources.  As a church prepares to start, there are many items needed: Children’s ministry material, hospitality supplies, signage (the list is lengthy).  We wanted to start something that would allow individuals to be involved in providing these essential needs.  This is why FireStarters has been created.

   We plan to have two FireStarters calls annually for those participating.  Partners will receive a letter informing them of the project their gifts will be funding and a check can be sent in the envelope toward the start-up costs for that project.  In the brochure, you can see where some of the next five churches are planned.  The funds for this year will go toward The Anchor Christian Church launching in Bensenville, IL in October.

   Thank you for your willingness to consider this invitation.  I am praying for 1,000 FireStarters partners by this time next year.  I believe in what Ignite is doing and know that each new church started reaches people who are not being reached right now.  I am going to be a FireStarter, in fact, I’m filling out the form and sending a check today.  Will you join me?

Love in Christ,

Lance Hurley


About markwillis

Living, loving and working in Chicago, IL as an organic church planter. Working with a organic church network in Chicago called the Underground Church Network. We're working with the urban, postmodern crowd, the poor, business tycoons, and others we feel might be "people of peace." Our work centers around imagination and experiments. What might it look like to serve as a church - a community of practice - in this people group? How might life for this group be re-envisioned if Jesus is our leader?
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One Response to FireStarters

  1. This seems like an awesome program, but I do have one suggestion. You could consider having the new churches share resources like children’s ministry material and hospitality supplies with one another, or with existing churches wanting to help the plants. If three different churches wanted to teach three series of children’s lessons, one could buy the materials for the Parables series, one could buy the materials for the life of David materials, and another could buy the materials for studying the story of Acts. They could then rotate the material.
    Similarly, if the churches meet at different times, they could drop folding tables off for one another. Just a thought.

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