What do you bring to a Fire? Part 2

Yesterday, I started writing about different things people bring to a fire:  Some bring water to put the fire out / others bring marshmallows to watch the fire burn.  Today, I want to focus on two other things I thought about.

There are those who bring wood to a fire.  These people who choose to contribute to the fire.  They don’t want the fire to die out, so they bring the fuel that keeps it burning.  When I think of Ignite’s ministry of starting new churches across Chicagoland, I recognize that God has given us many valuable partners.  These partners keep the fire burning, so more new churches can be started across the region.  Just as a fire needs wood placed and rearranged to burn more brightly, these people keep our focus sharp as their contributions, questions and encouragment renew our energy.

The last group of people I want to mention are those who bring gasoline to the fire.  Normally, this idea carries a negative connotation, but I use it to represent those who help the fire expand explosively.  The people I am referring to are our church planters and their families.  These men and women come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.  They do share one thing in common:  they want to introduce people and communities to Jesus.  With the help of people like this, the ministry of Ignite Church Planting will continue to grow explosively into the future.  I am grateful for the planters that God has brought to us.

Looking at the different items brought to a fire, I end with a question:  What do you bring to the fire?


About lancehurley

Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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