Recipe for a Hero

I went to see Captain America last night with my wife and son.  I enjoyed watching the exploits of the Marvel Comics’ hero.  Thinking about some of the characteristics that make up a hero, I came up with this list:

A hero has committment to a calling:  Committment keeps a hero following-through in spite of obstacles.  It helps a hero persevere and it fuels continued motion.

A hero has an unwavering focus:  a hero looks at what needs to be done and lets that focus propel him into action.  Heroes focus forward and this brings movement in the right direction.

A hero has courage in the face of danger:  this doesn’t mean a hero doesn’t feel fear, however, a hero does not allow fear to have the upper hand.  Courage gives the hero ability to face danger without backing down.  A hero refuses to run from danger.

A hero inspires others:  one of my favorite scenes from the movie last night came when a little boy on the street was holding up his Captain America shield which had been painted on a garbage can lid.  He was imitating a hero.  People notice when a hero takes action.

What heroes are you imitating?  We see heroes in action all the time.  I noticed a Biblical hero as I was reading through the Apostle Paul’s life this past week:  he definitely showed all these traits and more.  The question I’ll leave you with over the weekend:  What heroic behavior do you need to be displaying today?


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