An Interesting Feeling

Have you ever felt like you were all alone?  This past week, my wife and I enjoyed our first cruise (we were celebrating our 30th Anniversary).  We had a wonderful time, seeing new things, meeting new people, spending time with my sister and brother-in-law.  The first night, as we were cruised through the Gulf of Mexico, I had a strange feeling of isolation.  Looking out the porthole, there was nothing but dark skies and water rushing by.  Sitting there, I realized how alone we were on the water.

We docked the next day at Cozumel.  Pulling up to the dock, we saw a huge ship that had docked already.  Soon another cruise liner pulled to the pier.  By the end of the day, there were four cruise ships in port.  Though, I felt we were all alone on the water, in reality, there were three other ships in near proximity.  Sometimes looks (and perceptions) can be deceiving.

I thought about this experience in relation to something from Elijah’s life.  He traveled to Mount Horeb fearing that Jezebel was going to take his life.  Elijah complained to God that he was the only one left in Israel who had remained faithful to Him.  After a couple of interesting experiences, God told Elijah that there were 7,000 people who had refused to worship the false god, Baal.  Elijah’s perception was off, he was not seeing what was really there.  God intervened to show him what was reality. (1 Kings 19)

Sitting at the porthole that first night, I told my wife:  “Kind of eerie being out here all alone.  Only God knows where we are.”  (Maybe a little over-exaggeration?)  I realize that even when we feel the loneliest, we are never alone, God is always there for us.  (And He knows exactly where we are!)


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