Becoming Relevant #1

The dictionary defines relevant as:  “having significant and demonstrable bearing upon the matter at hand.”  Talking with Steve Baker (Steve is planting our next church around O’Hare, in Elmhurst, IL) provided some good insight into this term that is used to describe so many different things in culture today.

We were talking about the recent rise in popularity for Jeremy Lin (he plays basketball for the New York Knicks).  He is being talked about almost daily on ESPN, he made the front page of USA Today, and basketball fans are caught up in the Lin-frenzy.  Steve had an interesting insight:  “Lin is relevant because he is being talked about by the public.”

This led to a discussion on the different ways the church he is starting can become talked about or relevant to the city of Elmhurst.  We (Ignite) want to start churches that will be relevant parts of the communities in which they are started.  Our current churches do many different things to be relevant:  starting a Teen Mops ministry (Adventure Christian Church in Bradley, IL), packing backpacks for underprivileged school children (Crossroads Christian Church in Joliet, IL), providing winter coats for children in Northwest Indiana (Suncrest Christian Church in St. John, IN). Each of these churches (and others we have started) are relevant participants in their community.

In my next blog, I will share a recent story of relevance from one of our newest churches.   I am looking forward to seeing the church started in Elmhurst.  A church that will have “significant and demonstrable bearing” on the community as we bring the love of Jesus lived out.


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4 Responses to Becoming Relevant #1

  1. Ed Taylor says:

    I am continually challenging our people to ask the question that Jesus asked, “Who do the people say that we are?” What do we hope they are saying about us? Or are they talking about us at all?

  2. Ed Taylor says:

    In response to this question, my small group just held a pancake supper to raise money for a halfway house for single moms and their kids that we are teaming up with in Washington. We had no idea what to expect, but threw it out there and let God do his thing. We ended up with over 500 guests, over 100 volunteers, and over $15K raised for this fledgeling ministry. God is good. And people are talking…

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