Becoming Relevant #2

When a person or organization is relevant, people begin to talk.  We have all experienced the conversational “buzz” that occurs when someone or something begins to make an unexpected impact. Relevance is exciting, noticeable and it creates momentum.

It always thrills me when one of our new churches is noticed for being a blessing to its’ community.  This happened the other night when Lifeline Christian Church in Algonquin was named business of the year by the Algonquin / Lake in the Hills Chamber of Commerce.  Chamber members noticed the difference this new church has made in the community:  helping provide backpacks filled with school supplies for homeless families in the school district, hosting a Thanksgiving meal for these families (that has become a shared community event), and providing needed volunteers for activities taking place in the community.  Lifeline has left fingerprints of caring service all over the community…and the community noticed!

I talked with Dave Rudin (lead pastor of Lifeline) about this recognition.  He humbly said, “It doesn’t take much to make a difference, just a willingness to keep our eyes open.”  Then he used Lifeline’s slogan, “As a church, we want to share hope and add value.”  Thank you Dave and Lifeline for bringing the love of Jesus to Algonquin.

What does it take to be relevant?  Look at what this one church is doing and consider ways that you might make time to bring Jesus to your community.  When we bring Jesus, people notice…and talk about what they are seeing.


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One Response to Becoming Relevant #2

  1. Ed Taylor says:

    A note to Dave:
    Way to keep your finger on the pulse of your community. This can be really tricky because the community itself is often in denial of what its own needs are. Keep being a blessing. Not sure I totally got the “add value” part when you first shared it with me, but now I totally see it.

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