The “5 Tool” Planter #2

During Ignite’s planter meeting, I asked everyone gathered, “What would make a person a “5 tool” church planter?  Here are some of the different opinions shared by our planters:

  • Great visionary (many of the words / phrases were prefaced with the word “great”)
  • Motivator and a person w/ great communication skills
  • Person w/ extraordinary people skills
  • A connector
  • A person who could raise funds toward the vision
  • Someone who delegates and empowers people
  • A person who can put words into action
  • Someone who has the “It” factor / someone who sparkles
  • A person who can see needs and raise up leaders to meet those needs
  • A man of prayer and character
  • Someone who has a deep connection with God
  • A person who can create a movement

These qualities are just some of the necessary traits for a person who wants to start a new church.  I recognized that not many planters have all these characteristics.  (Realistically, how many people on a pro baseball team have all 5 tools?  I believe the percentage would be pretty small.)

Here is where I start in my search for a church planter:

  • His heart for God (I want to know about their connection with the Father)
  • His heart for those who are far away from God (I want to know how he connects with those who are far away from God)
  • His ability to help people grow closer to God (what kind of track record does the person have for discipleship?)

These are a few thoughts that came from our meeting last week.  Are you wondering about planting a church?  Send me an email:


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Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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