A Personal Reminder

On Easter, I attended Adventure Christian Church in Bradley, IL with the rest of my family.  This is our home church and is one of the churches that Ignite planted in 2003.  When Adventure started, I was a part of the launch team and since that time, have enjoyed seeing what God is doing through the ministry of the church and Andy Hamilton (senior pastor of Adventure).

Yesterday, five people made their way forward at the end of the service to confess their faith in Jesus and be baptized into him.  Another great reason to celebrate!!  (One of the five is a special friend to our family who began attending Adventure at the invitation of our oldest son.  I told my boy how grateful I was for his willingness to speak up for the Lord to his friend.)

As the baptism service was taking place, I felt God’s special touch in my heart.  He reminded me that this is why he has called me to start new churches.  Each new church started provides opportunity for the good news to spill out into people’s lives.  The good news of Jesus changes lives forever. Each one of these people experienced this change first hand.

Before I started working with Ignite (then CDEA), I remember asking Bob Sloniger, “How do you get your “perks” in this job?”  (I knew how a minister gets encouragement from seeing lives change, but didn’t know what to expect if I wasn’t leading a church?)  Bob’s reply, “You get it from the lives that each church impacts.  You are actually multiplying far beyond what you could ever do on your own.”

Yesterday, was another great reminder of that truth.  I am grateful for the calling that God has given me to lead out in church planting through Ignite.



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Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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