I was reading in Ezekiel the other day when I came across a verse that caught my attention:  “Son of man, look carefully, listen closely and give attention to everything I tell you.”  (44: 5)  I stopped and thought about how implementing these words would be a great way to focus my life.

Looking carefully:  What would happen if I were  to take time to look carefully at opportunities to impact lives around me?  I am doing a funeral tomorrow and as I prayed with the family members today, I could tell the positive difference one prayer makes.  I need to look carefully at the people my life contacts and see how I might make a difference.

Listening closely:  I know that the Holy Spirit lives inside me.  If I am open to hearing his voice, he will direct me where he wants me to go.  My problem:  there are so many different things competing for my attention, I do not always hear his guiding voice.  I need to make time to listen as I walk through life.

Giving attention to everything God tells me:  I try to read something from the Bible every day, for I know I need God’s wisdom and not my own.  When I store up his Word, it will be there when I need it.  I want to pay attention to what he is telling me.  (I also recognize that obedience to what he tells me is another important piece of this puzzle.  More on this subject later.)

I think that implementing this verse will benefit any of us:  Church leaders, church planters, people who want to follow Jesus.  I finished my reading with this journal entry:  “Help me to stay open to you today.”


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Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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