New Church in Chicago

This past Sunday, my wife and I visited Community Christian Church’s Lincoln Square campus in Chicago.  Entering the elementary school where the church meets on Sunday, people were busy putting out information, signs and getting classrooms ready.  We were greeted warmly by Tammy Melchien (campus pastor) and then walked around the facility, observing how things were set up in that venue.

Coming back to the lobby, we were greeted by an older lady.  We both said hello and were headed back to the auditorium when Tammy asked, “Did you see your friend?”  Turning around, I realized the lady who had greeted me was someone from the church I had pastored for 19 years in Manteno.  I told Sue, “I didn’t expect to see you in this context, so I didn’t recognize you.”  (To be fair, she had lost around 100 lbs and was not wearing the glasses that she had worn for years.)  We spent time before and after the service talking and laughing together about old times.

How did Sue end up at CCC Lincoln Square?  She had moved to Chicago to live with her son.  Sue phoned me after the move and asked if we had a church in the city she could attend.  Because of our partnership with CCC, I was able to say “Yes” to that question.  I told her how we had helped start this campus and were working with CCC to start two more in the city.  I told her when and where the services were and was thrilled to see that she was attending.  That morning I asked, “How do you like the church?”  Her response, “We love it!”

God has blessed Ignite with some great partners!  I am glad we helped start a new church in the city so my friend can go to church where she lives.  CCC Lincoln Square is making a difference in that neighborhood by shining the light of Jesus.  Starting churches that provide hope, life and community for people through Jesus is what we do.  Something we continue to multiply across Chicagoland.


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Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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