A Great Compliment

On Sunday, I had the privilege of speaking at Poplar Creek CC in Bartlett. I talked about how we need to use God’s Word as a filter to allow the right things into our lives and prevent the wrong things from infiltrating.  My challenge at the end of the message was to spend some time in the Bible each day this week.  After the service, a friend came up to me and this is what she said…

“The first time you came to Poplar Creek, you asked us to read the Bible every day. You called it the 15 minute challenge:  read for 5 minutes, think about it for 5 minutes and then ask God to help you implement what you read for 5 minutes.  I have been doing this ever since you asked us to try it and…it does make a difference.  I am a different person since I have been putting the Bible in my life each day.

I took this as a great compliment.  It’s good to know that someone benefits from a message that’s been shared.  (That was an easy one, for  God’s Word always benefits those who put it into their lives.)


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Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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