Making Jesus Known

I was holding my grandson last night when the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse came on tv.  My daughter in law said, “Watch how he reacts to the song when he hears it.”  He was turned away from the tv, but when the song started, his head swung around and he started to smile.  The song was familiar to him as it was something he hears just about every day.

I started thinking about that this morning and wondered:  “How do I make Jesus as known to my grandson?”  I want him to know Jesus as he grow up, I want him to think about Jesus and recognize Jesus’ direction through the Holy Spirit as he grows physically.  The best gift I can give my grandson is the gift of Jesus.

Thankfully, my grandson is growing up in a Christian household.  I know my son and daughter in law will teach Garrett about Jesus and will show him the hand of God as he grows up.  I also recognize the responsibility that I carry as a grandfather to pass Jesus on to my family as it grows.

I want to make Jesus known, to my family and to others.  This is another reason I love the job I have:  I get to start churches that make Jesus known across Chicagoland.  More about this coming soon…


About lancehurley

Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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