Service is Infectious

A few weeks ago, several Ignite churches were blessed by a mission team from Newton, IL.  The team from Scott Avenue did some building remodeling in Merrillville, IN for Impact Christian Church, helped park cars and transport people at the Porter County Fair for Life Bridge Christian Church, cleaned a city park that has been adopted in Elmhurst, IL by Journey Christian Church and passed out fliers and freezer pops during a parade in Algonquin, IL for Lifeline Christian Church.  They left so many positive touches for Jesus in their 6 day journey to Chicagoland.

In Algonquin, the team took part in a cardboard boat derby on behalf of the church.  While they built their “boat”, a member of the local Chamber of Commerce watched them in action.  Their willingness to get involved, to have fun together and their readiness to pitch in and help were noticed by this person who does not attend church yet.  Dave Rudin (pastor of Lifeline) told me how impressed his Chamber friend had been by this group of people who came to help.  Dave told me, “They really made a good impression for Lifeline.)

Talking to Andy Weaver, the pastor from Scott Avenue, I thanked him for leading his team here to help our new churches.  Andy told me that this experience had impacted the youth and adults who had come on this trip in a powerful way.  He said that the service in Chicagoland had opened eyes and minds to ways they could reach out and impact their own community for Jesus.

I know that service is infectious.  One good deed done in Jesus’ name leads to a desire to do more and touch more.  I was very grateful for this mission team:  they sacrificed vacation time, personal comfort and effort to make a positive impression for Jesus.  What a great impression they made!!


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Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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