House Churches in Chicago

On Tuesday, I traveled to the city to meet with Mark Willis and several other house church planters who are a part of the Underground Network in Chicago.  Mark and I drank a cup of quality coffee at ICompute on the city’s north side and talked about what God has been doing in the Underground.  Recently, his house church has multiplied and sent off two leaders to start churches in their neighborhoods.  Multiplication is happening!

One of these new leaders works at the coffeehouse / internet cafe.  Sean shared some of the stories of the people who are attending his house church now.  He was excited about seeing people progress on their journey of faith.  He has around 10 people attending his church regularly and this house has space for 15 to meet comfortably.  When he reached this number he talked about sending some out to start another church.  Multiplication is expected.

Meeting for lunch with four of these leaders, I thanked God for what was taking place.  It was a great reminder that church planting happens in many different ways.  People are being reached for Jesus through these house churches.

I am grateful that Ignite chose to partner with Mark and Katrina when they came to Chicago to start a house church network.  This network is developing and growing in Chicago (there are around 15 house churches in the Underground currently).  My prayer is for more leaders and resources to start more of these churches across the city.

I think back to the dream I shared with Mark and Katrina when I first met them:  a church within walking distance of everyone in the city of Chicago.  The network is growing, I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.


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1 Response to House Churches in Chicago

  1. Ed Taylor says:

    So awesome to hear how this network continues to flourish.

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