Don’t Block a Blessing

The other day, my neighbor and I were mowing our lawns at the same time.  Since I had started a little later and had taken time to answer a phone, he completed his task before me.  That’s when he came over and asked, “You want me to help you finish yours?”

My first words, “No, I can take care of it, no problem.”  He offered his help again, saying, “Are you sure, I’d be happy to help you out?”  My response, “No, I got it, but thanks for the offer.”  A third time he offered, “I’d be happy to help, but if you’re good…”  That’s when I said, “Take time to enjoy your family.”  That’s when replied, “They’re all gone for the evening, I’m on my own.”  My response to that news:  “Nick, I’d be happy to accept your help.  Thank you for the offer.”  Together, we finished the lawn quickly.

Afterwards, I thanked Nick for blessing me with his help.  He said, “That’s okay, no payback expected.  I’m glad to help.”  Walking inside, I thought about how I’d almost blocked a blessing that someone wanted to give me.  I realized something about myself once again:  it’s hard for me to accept help from someone who wants to give it.

This is something I want and need to work on, for I don’t want to do it all on my own. I also don’t want to block blessings that others might receive through their help.  I’m grateful for the help that Nick gave me last week, it saved time and energy.  He was definitely a blessing to me.


About lancehurley

Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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