Crossroads of Joliet Celebrates

On September 15 / 16, I had the privilege of taking part in the 5th Anniversary and Building Dedication at Crossroads in Joliet.  It was a great weekend!  It started on Saturday night when 200 people showed up for the evening service.  The band did a wonderful job, Kamella Westmoreland sang “God of the City” as a reminder to the people that there is more to come, Matt Summers celebrated the past 5 years and then very clearly laid out the vision for the next 5 years.  The new worship facility was dedicated at the end of the service and we all left celebrating and looking forward to Sunday.

On Sunday, 600 people showed up for church!  Sitting there during the services with my family, I thanked God for what I had seen take place during the past 5 years. I look back with fondness on Crossroads’ first service:  the parking lot was filled, new people were streaming into the building, original core group members had tears in their eyes as they witnessed what God was doing.

God put together the right team at Crossroads.  On Saturday, I thanked Matt Summers for coming to Joliet to start this church for Ignite.  Leadership really does make a huge difference and Crossroads is blessed with a dynamic leader.  I was also impressed by the way he laid out the next objectives for the church (and they are some large goals)!

I left Crossroads on Sunday thanking God for letting me play a small part in starting this new church.  (I felt some of that pride of parenthood.)  The city of Joliet has been blessed by the ministry of Crossroads and there is much more more excitement to come.


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