Gaining Perspective

I was doing some message preparation this past week when I looked back at a series of sermons I preached at Manteno in 1985.  The series was on faith and one message in particular outlined the steps of faith I felt were in front of the church.  I talked about putting up a building on the ground we had just purchased, about the ministry that would be done, lives that would be reached.  Then I projected forward and shared my dream of starting a new church in Bradley, IL (the town 7 miles south of Manteno).

Yesterday, I told this story at Adventure Christian Church which is in Bradley, IL.  I was talking about how faith and works go together and shared about the work that had gone into making this dream become a reality in 2003.  The work:  looking for the right planter, raising the support, gathering core people, serving the community and looking for the place where the church would meet on Sundays.  It was not easy, but…it was worth every drop of sweat that went into the birthing process!!

I’m grateful to be a part of an organization that helps dreams become realities.  At Ignite, we know that church planting often begins as a dream of reaching a certain region or people group with the message of Jesus.  That dream can become reality when all the work, planning and prayer fall into place.  All I know is how good it felt to worship in a church yesterday that I dreamed about over 25 years ago.


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Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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