What If?

The phrase “what if” propels new ideas, methodologies and ways of thinking.  I recently read a book where the author talked about how Copernicus’ heliocentric cosmology (the earth revolving around the sun) caused some people to say, “What if?”.  (Of course, it also led to a lot of controversy from those who thought the earth was the center of the universe.)  Many new paradigms begin someone’s willingness to say, “What if?”.

After a lunch meeting the other day, I had one of these “what if” moments.  The man I met with is a missionary who has returned to the States from a 19 year ministry in Africa.  He’s in the process of seeing if he can gather together people who have come to Chicagoland from the region of Africa where he ministered.  He showed me on the map where some of these “pockets” of people reside in metro Chicago.  He’s wondering how God might use him to bring these people into relationship with each other and the church.

Driving home, I began to think, “what if we could plant a new church for a different people group within a new church?”  In my mind, this plant would target a local area (as we normally do) and then… plant a church within that church that would target a different people group (having a more regional footprint).  I don’t know what planting like this would entail or even if it would work, but what if?  This may be another way of planting we need to think about?

One thing I really appreciate about Ignite is the opportunity to try new things with the purpose of reaching more people for Jesus.  We do value innovation and always want to be open to new ideas.  We commit to being willing to use “What If?” thinking.

I also appreciate having these “what if” moments, for I know that some of them will bear fruit.  Are you taking time for “what if” thinking?


About lancehurley

Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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