The Benefits of Family 1

A healthy family environment is not something that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy.  During the past couple of weeks, I have thanked God many times for the family that I’ve been blessed with.  Several weeks ago, my brother in law suffered a stroke.  He is a young man of 58 and this health emergency caught everyone by surprise.  When we heard that he’d been airlifted to the hospital in Peoria, my wife said, “I need to go to be with my sister.”  I agreed and off we went to Peoria.  These were a critical couple of days as we waited for a diagnosis from the doctors.  Waiting, we prayed, talked, and encouraged.  During this critical time, we were there for my sister in law and her children.

This is one of the benefits of family:  a family supports.  When one member of the family is feeling uncertain or afraid, the family gathers around to give support.  When there are difficult decisions to be made a family is there to lean on.  Encountering emotional and physical pain, a family rallies around those who hurt.  A family brings support.

Ignite starts churches across Chicagoland.  Each of these churches becomes a family of believers.  People who take care of each other, people who help each other, people who lend their support to family members in need of help and encouragement.  Our new churches introduce the family concept to some people who have never had a true family.

I am grateful to be a part of healthy family.  There are a couple of other family benefits I have learned through this difficult time and I’ll share those soon.


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Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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