A New Model for Planting Begins

Something new began today and I am stoked!!  For several years, I have been dreaming, talking about and planning toward a model for church planting that can lead to the multiplication of new churches across Chicagoland.  The model:  gathering a cluster of churches / individuals together to start a new church.  This model is having success across the country, but has not been attempted in Chicagoland….until now!

This first cluster consists of Ignite, Suncrest Christian Church, Adventure Christian Church and the Northern Plains Evangelistic Association.  Part of this cluster is also  funded by several individual partners.  Today, as we gathered for the first meeting at Adventure, Ed Taylor shared his background and the reasons why he is planting a church through Ignite.  Ed will be starting the cluster church in Arlington Heights, IL.  We talked about how the cluster can be of help to Ed and what the cluster partners will expect to hear from Ed.  We had a good time talking together and the partnership is going to be of benefit to everyone involved.

I left this meeting excited about the present and the future.  I believe that Ignite is called to be a catalyst for the multiplication of new churches across Chicagoland.  My dream (and the goal I am working toward) is to start 10 clusters across this region.  As each cluster starts a church every 3 years, multiplication will take place and more people will find Jesus.  This new model for planting began today and I am grateful to be underway.


About lancehurley

Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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