Words are Like a Hammer

A hammer is one of my favorite tools.  It is easy to use and is an instinctive tool.  I know this from my one year old grandson who recently saw a mini-hammer sitting on his mother’s end table and proceeded to pick it up and hammer the wall with it.  (She rescued her wall before too much damage was done.)

A hammer can be used to destroy things.  Anyone who has used a sledge hammer to break down walls knows the power for destruction that is present in every hammer.  A hammer is also perfect for the construction process.  I have had the privilege of using a hammer to build walls in our home that are still standing today. The end result of a hammer comes from the way it is used.

Our words are like a hammer, having great power for both good and destruction.  I have seen the results of people who have encountered the destructive power of words (for some, the effects linger for years).  I have also witnessed how people are encouraged and strengthened by a timely word that is spoken.

To be honest, I have used words in both of these ways.  I want to make a conscious effort to be an encourager, to build up those who need a positive touch and strengthen those who are feeling down.  I want to guard my words from coming out too quickly and having a negative effect on those I encounter.  I am going to commit myself to thinking before I talk, so that I can be the person God wants me to be.  Just a thought…


About lancehurley

Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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