Taking Time to Rest

I was reading a chapter from Wayne Cordeiro’s book, Sifted, when a quote he used made me think.  It’s an old rabbinical saying, “God will one day hold us each accountable for all the things he created for us to enjoy but we refused to do so.”  It was a chapter on how church planters need to take time to relax and refresh in order to maintain a healthy equilibrium.

Reflecting on this chapter, I realize that I don’t always take the time I need to unwind and “unstring the bow”.  (Archery terminology:  Unstringing a recurve bow in order to let the string rest.)  It’s so easy to push forward in ministry all the time, to go on to the next task without taking time to breathe, to forget to celebrate the victories and continue the quest ahead.

I’m looking forward to my day today:  I get to babysit my grandson for a few hours.  During our time, I plan to play wholeheartedly, laugh with him repeatedly, marvel continually and love him relentlessly.  While taking care of a 19 month old can be challenging, I can’t wait, because I know it provides rest from my normal activities.  It does fill me up.

What do you do for rest?  What fills you up?  All who work in full-time ministry understand the unending nature of the task.  This is why it’s vitally important that we take time to rest so that we can finish the work well.  God gives us all a precedent for rest and I believe he gives us ways in which we can individually unwind and refill.

What helps you unwind?  What fills you up?  My encouragement:  Make time to play in the week ahead.  It will bless your life and your family.


About lancehurley

Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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