Adjustments are something we all experience.  Anyone who drives understands the need of making continual adjustments in order to stay in the chosen lane of traffic.  When a predetermined item is not available in a store, we adjust our choice to another item.  When things don’t work out as planned, adjustments are made.  (I am experiencing an adjustment to schedule this week due to the unfortunate flooding in Colorado.  This adjustment is minimal compared to the people who have had to endure the results of that flooding.)

Adjustments are also a part of the church planting process.  What may work in one area of Chicagoland to draw people, does not necessarily work in other areas.  When this happens, strategies are adjusted.  As much as we plan out the process of planting, the reality of each specific plant sometimes requires an adjustment to our schedule.  Yesterday, I spent the day with one of our planters who just learned the place where they have been meeting for Sunday services is going to be torn down soon.  We spent the day looking at potential Sunday morning venues.  Change is never easy and this step will be an adjustment for the new church, both financially and emotionally.

While not being easy, making adjustment is a reality of life.  The church planter mentioned above is not looking forward to the move, however, he recognizes that God is leading them to their next chapter of life as a church.  He is choosing to be optimistic about the journey ahead (which I believe is the right way to approach this adjustment).

Leading a church planting organization, I recognize the importance of being open to making necessary changes as we move forward.  I also realize that adjustments are not always easy or pain-free.  When it comes to following the direction of God, I know that openness and obedience are what He wants from me.  These are the marks of a disciple, something I want to be.


About lancehurley

Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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