Making Adjustments

Last Friday, I was moving clothes from the washing machine into the dryer when I twisted the wrong way. The reason I knew it was wrong was because of the bolt of pain that immediately ran through my back down into my leg. From that moment on, I spent a long weekend of moaning and groaning every time I needed to move around. I also knew that help was available in the form of my chiropractor, so I eagerly looked forward to Monday.

I arrived at his office on Monday and he started feeling down my back and said, “Wow. Let’s get on the table.” He did the manipulation and then said, “Come back this afternoon and we’ll do it again. It won’t cost you anything, but you were really out of place and you need another treatment.” This was the first time I had ever needed two treatments in one day, but after the second one, I felt great!! In fact, I was so grateful that I my doctor a big hug of appreciation (he is a friend I have known for years).

Misalignment impedes us physically and I recognize the same thing happens spiritually. When we get outside of where God wants us to be, we start experiencing pain and pressure and often moan and groan from the effort it takes to do things that normally are no trouble at all.

Recently, I have talked with several churches that are experiencing some discomfort. I love the local church and want to help out. One of the immediate adjustments I advise is very simple: take time for consistent corporate prayer. Something I am learning (the resources of Global Prayer Harvest have been very valuable to this education) is that powerful things happen as God’s people pray together with a united focus. This was a practice the early church modeled continually. Because they prayed, seeking wisdom and power from above, God’s hand was constantly at work. Focused corporate prayer is the first step to experiencing adjustment by God. As we seek his face, he begins to shape and mold us so that we can be where he wants us to be.

Could alignment start as simply as taking time to pray together consistently? I am learning some valuable lessons as Ignite’s partners pray together daily for Chicagoland via a conference call. When we open ourselves to his guidance, he will make the adjustments we seek his face and respond to his voice. We can trust his guiding hands for his adjustments are always for our greatest benefit.


About lancehurley

Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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