Being Open to Input

Each day this month, we are praying together during our Fueling the Fire prayer initiative. These daily praye times have covered a variety of topics: different counties in Chicagoland, for the city of Chicago, expanded vision for Ignite and for more workers to come to Chicago and help bring in the waiting harvest. We have interviewed some Ignite planters and local pastors to learn about the different regions of Chicagoland. This prayer time has been extremely beneficial for myself and for Ignite as we prepare to take more territory for the Kingdom by starting new churches. (I am grateful for the ministry of Global Prayer Harvest that has provided the technological platform and consistent encouragement for this initiative.)

I don’t think it a coincidence when our board chairman called today to ask if I would be open to having an outside organization look at our operations to see how we might improve what we are doing. My response, “Yes! I want to make Ignite a lethal organization against the enemy. We need to do all we can to get better at starting more churches.” He commended me for that response, but I know how vital it is that we must be open to input from others if we want to maximize our effectiveness. The days of prayer have opened my heart to doing even more than what we currently are, for there are so many people in our region who are lost outside of a relationship with Jesus.

One benefit of the daily prayer time is that it opens us to God’s input as an organization. We are asking God to open doors before us and committing ourselves to walking through the doors that He opens. We are asking where He wants the next churches to be planted because we want to go where He wants us to be. Doing this together, each day, has been very valuable for Ignite. It’s been good for me as well, for I have found myself looking for and taking advantage of opportunities to speak up and share Jesus with people. (This is another part of this daily prayer time.)

Remaining open to input, first of all from God and then from people we trust, is key to seizing the opportunities to expand and “enlarge our territory”. Where do you need to be open to input in your life?


About lancehurley

Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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