Preparing for the Future: Infrastructure

On a recent walk, something caught my eye: an entrance to a street that wasn’t there. Crossing the cut-out on the sidewalk I was walking along, I looked north across an open field and saw the last subdivision in our town. I also noticed that the subdivision had a street entrance that mirrored the one I was passing, even though there was no street between them. Seeing that, I was reminded of the importance of infrastructure.

I recognized that someone had planned out these subdivisions long ago in a comprehensive way. Though each neighborhood is independent of the next, they all fit together and at some point, will all be connected. I looked across the field and imagined the street in between and the houses that will someday be built on empty lots. Much thought and planning had already gone into the future growth that would take place. Infrastructure had been laid.

Looking at Ignite’s future, I recognize that we are currently building infrastructure as we participate in weekly prayer calls together. During these calls, we are asking God to make clear where we are to go to start new churches, we are asking God for more workers for the harvest, and we are praying for the 6.5 million people in Chicagoland who have no relationship with Jesus or his church. Ignite exists to accelerate the spread of Jesus’ mission by starting new churches. We know that infrastructure for future growth must be put into place so multiplication can take place. We are laying the foundation for our future by the prayers we are sending up now before the Father.

I enjoy walking in the mornings, for it gives me time to think and pray. It’s good to exercise. I also enjoy the exercise of praying with others as I know it is building infrastructure for Ignite’s future and for the starting of many new churches that will bring people into relationship with Jesus. By taking time to build the right infrastructure, we will lay the groundwork for the multiplication of “houses of worship” all across the region.


About lancehurley

Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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