Voodoo Days in Planting

I spent time on vacation recently in western Illinois. While there, I helped my brother in law (who is a farmer) load his corn planter prior to planting one of his fields. Later in the day, as we talked about the planting process, he used the phrase, “I hope that we don’t see one of the voodoo days this planting season.” This was the first time I’d heard this phrase. I asked, “What’s a voodoo day?” His reply, “Sometimes, for no apparent reason, seeds planted in a field don’t come up. They may have the perfect weather, moisture and sun, but they don’t germinate. When this happens, we have to replant that field. We hope for no voodoo days!”

Something I know about farmers: even though they encounter voodoo days at times, it doesn’t keep them from going back out into the field to plant their seed. Fear doesn’t stop the farmer, he just keeps on planting.

I love the parable of Jesus that starts out, “A farmer when out to sow his seed…” (Matthew 13: 3) I have the privilege of leading Ignite Church Planting as we start churches in Chicagoland. Every church we start pours the seed of the Gospel into communities across this region, and lives are changed! I spoke with a potential planter yesterday who told me that he would like to plant with Ignite because we start new churches. He said, “Ignite isn’t flashy, you just get the job done!”

Voodoo days are a reality in the planting process. I also know that an abundant harvest is also a reality. It all goes back to what a person wants to focus on. I’m going to keep on planting.


About lancehurley

Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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