Staying Tethered

Earlier this year, my wife and I bought our grandson a kite and when the perfect day arrived, we got ready to fly. Going to the park, we pulled it out of its’ package, put it together and then launched it into the sky. Garrett enjoyed it for a couple of minutes (he’s three and a half), but he was soon distracted by the playground equipment, leaving me to fly the kite.

Standing there, I remembered how enjoyable it is fly a kite. Kites have a purpose: they are designed to fly high. I let the string all the way out and watched the kite dance and dart in the stiff breeze. It’s when I began reeling it in that I learned an important lesson: kites need tension to fly. Pulling it in, the string snapped and the kite began to fly off its’ own. When this happened, I observed several things:

A kite untethered drifts aimlessly. Tied to the handle, the kite went where I directed it, but now it was at the mercy of the wind. It went along fast, but only where the wind took it.

A kite untethered loses altitude. Tension helps a kite stay up in the air, but when the tension on the line was released, the kite began to come down. It was as high as it could go with the string attached, but upon release, immediately gravity began to take hold.

A kite untethered is easily lost. I did manage to track the kite down, but it went over half a mile away from where I stood at the park. If I had not been next to an open field, I would not have retrieved the kite.

A kite untethered cannot live up to its’ purpose. A kite is meant to fly, but the only way it will fly is if it stays connected to the person who got it up into the air.

Jesus said in John 10: 10, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” We are designed by the Father to fly high. However, I know that I can only fly as I am connected to the person who set me free. (John 15: 5) When I am connected to Jesus, I can fly, I can have direction, I can maintain altitude and twist and turn in beautiful design. Connection to Jesus is vitally important if I want to fly. This is one reason I read the Bible and take time to pray each day. This is why I ask the Holy Spirit to lead me to someone who needs a touch of Jesus’ love each day. These (and other) things keep me tethered to Jesus.

If our purpose is to fly high, I suppose I need to ask, “How is your tether”?


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Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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