Working the Process

Five weeks ago, we welcomed our first granddaughter into our family. She has now put on almost two pounds and her doctor says that she is progressing nicely. Thinking about how children grow, caused me to begin thinking about the learning and maturing process. I look at my 3 year old grandson and recognize that he continues to learn and grow. He knows numbers and letters and is now drawing objects (instead of scribbles). He can carry on a conversation and exercises spatial reasoning as he puts puzzles together with Grandpa. It won’t be long before he goes to school, beginning another round of maturing and learning. Both of my grandchildren are in the process of growing up.

If a child did not grow or progress physically, parents would want to know the reason why. Once the reason was discovered, they would do everything possible to change the situation. Every parent wants his child to grow and progress forward.

I was asking a church planter today about his process for moving people forward in faith. He said, “This is something we need to work at with more intentionality. Right now, we are not doing anything systematically.” This truth is repeated over and over in the church. We have no way to measure where a person is spiritually and don’t do much to give people “checkups” to see how whether their spiritual life is growing in depth. If a child wasn’t growing physically, we would do something about it. Shouldn’t Christian leaders be monitoring the lives of their people to see where they need to grow?

One of the conclusions our church planters came to following an Ignite meeting on forward thinking was that the church of the future would need to do a quality job of making disciples. In my opinion, the best way to make disciples in a local church is to develop a process for growth and development and then work the process.

I love watching the growth of my grandchildren and I believe that God loves seeing his children growing closer to him.  What kind of process are you using to help people move forward?


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Executive Director of Ignite Church Planting: Chicagoland
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