Full, not Flat 2

When the motorcycle repairman pulled the roofing nail out of my deflated tire, it was good lesson of the importance of keeping the wrong things away from what is of utmost importance.  The reality is that the tire on a motorcycle is one of the most important items a bike has:  since there are only two of them, if one of them is not working, it can cause a very dangerous situation to arise rather suddenly.

We all have things that if we allow entry into our life, will lead to a dangerous situation erupting.  Sins, attitudes, baggage that we refuse to release and other things can cause a sudden deflation of our life.  With this reality ever present, I want to draw our attention to a passage from the Bible.

“Flee the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.”  2 Timothy 2: 22  I remember a message I wrote on this verse entitled, “The man of God must always be running”, because it talks about movement taking place.

It’s obvious to me that there are “deflators” that we will come into contact with as we go through life.  If we choose to flee the “deflators”, we will have half of the equation for success in place.  The other thing to embrace is pursuit of the “inflators”.  My question is, “What brings a fresh breath of air into your life?”

From the verse above, it appears that spending time with God should provide spiritual “air”.  Being around God’s people should bring fresh air pumping into our lives.  Being involved in serving as we bring the love of Jesus to others breathes life into us.  There are other things as well (for me, it’s riding a motorcycle, it refreshes my heart).

If we want to be full, not flat, we must guard our life against infiltration from potential “deflators”.  We will always have deflation possibilities occur around us, however, we do not need to allow them entrance.  Keep them out, while filling life with the things that provide a much needed burst of air.  A couple of lessons learned from a flat tire.


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